Calender of Events

Contact if you are in the greater Tulsa area
and want to set up a club ruck near you led by and experienced Team Lead.
Wednesday eventings and weekends are preferred by current leaders but any date will be considered.

GCR Ruck & Workout
Saturday June 19, 2021

Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn

The 1776 Challenge starts this week. Details here:
Register here (not required)
Our team check list, here:

Josh and I are on week 3 of the Ruck ‘n’ Ruck Warrior Challenge, which includes a weekly 5 mile ruck. Details here:

June 19, 0700 hours (7:00 AM sharp)
Haikey Creek Park 11327 S Garnett Rd, Broken Arrow, OK 74011
“Picnic Volleyball Playground” area near the restroom building
Precise meeting location:

Important note: The version below with 50 reps only took us 1 hour on the Flag Day ruck, so it’s not as horrible as it may seem.

50 yrds “I’m up, He sees me, I’m down” or 100 Jumping Jacks.
50 Ruck Rows or 100 Tricep Dips
50 Squats or 100 Squats
50 Burpees or 100 Bicycle Crunches
50 yrds Bear Crawls or 100 yrd Bear Crawls
50 Walking Lunges or 100 Lunges

Green country ruckers
june 2021

• Saturday June 12 Flag Day ceremony at the Military History Museum in Broken Arrow. We will be rucking 6.14 miles, representing the date of National Flag Day, June 14th. A Flag Day WOD is also being developed that can be scaled to all fitness levels. Details to follow. Patches not required to participate, but order them now to have them for the ruck:
🇺🇸 The Green Country Ruckers Stars & Stripes Ruck patch, $5.00 each, contact Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn.

• June 16 through July 4: Team Red White & Blue 1776 Challenge. If you are a member of Team RWB (free to ALL including civilians, not just service men or women), you can earn a FREE 1776 patch by checking in to the Team RWB app every day from Wednesday, June 16 through Sunday, July 4th. Checking in every day will also enter you for more Team RWB gear and prizes. All the PT work is honor system. Watch this space for group activities. Register (free) here:

• June 24th 1700 hours (5 PM) GCR will be rucking the Route 66 Marathon’s “The First Mile” starting at Fleet Feet in Broken Arrow. If you earned the custom 2019 GORUCK patch, wear it!!
Not yet scheduled for June:

• GORUCK June Tribe WOD: Fear – Team Lead Aaron “A-Train” Wade will schedule the monthly WOD when details are announced. (NOT PICTURED: As of Thursday, May 27, 2021, the patches have not yet been published by GORUCK).

• GORUCK Club Callout: Kids Ruck! Purchase your patch directly from GORUCK OR contact Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn to organize a bulk order to save on shipping costs. (NOT PICTURED: As of Thursday, May 27, 2021, the patches have not yet been published by GORUCK).

• “I Rucked Alice” Challenge – Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn will be leading this 3 mile ruck. The challenge is to simply carry ANY piece of military memorabilia! If interested, send a note to Enigma Machine or drop a note in the comments below. Patch is NOT required to participate, but you can pre-purchase your patch here: Learn more about this org here:

• 500 Club – Burpees! Yeah, 500 of them. Sounds awful? It will be, but we can manage the pain by spreading out the reps, including some reps that can be counted at different events throughout the month. 75 are scheduled on July 4th with the Team RWB 1776 Challenge. 50 are scheduled on June 12 for Flag Day. If interested, send a note to Enigma Machine or drop a note in the comments below. Optional patch:


  1. Purchase on your own. No need to wait for the patch to arrive; ruck up!
  2. Join in an established group event or declare to the group your intent to crush the related challenge and invite your ruck crew to participate.
  3. If you crush it (or whimper through it), share some sweaty pics with the group at