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and want to set up a club ruck near you led by and experienced Team Lead.
Wednesday eventings and weekends are preferred by current leaders but any date will be considered.

GCR “918 Day” Brew Ruck and
Gotham Ruck Challenge
September 18, 2021

Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn

“Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman, then always be Batman.”

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Three separate opportunities to ruck!

– Weekly club workout at Hunter Park: The Batman Workout
– “918 Day” Brew Ruck
– Ruckers Mexico City “Gotham Ruck Challenge” / the Batman Workout

You can do just 1, any combo of 2, or all 3. 2021 CHALLENGE: If you do all 3, you’ll receive a FREE, well-earned Green Country Ruckers Challenge Coin, to be awarded after the final Batman Workout!

1 Saturday morning, 0830 hours (8:30 AM), we’ll do the Batman Workout at Hunter Park for our weekly club workout. If you are interested in earning the patch, add on your own 5k ruck and make sure to share tracking results with the club! Gotham Ruck Challenge patch sold separately for $5.00 each after doing the work.

2 Saturday evening, 1800 hours (6:00 PM). For the third year, GCR will celebrate Tulsa and the 918 area on “918 Day”! We’ve even created a fantastic patch to commemorate this annual fun! Watch local news and entertainment sources for fun activities! This year, we’ll have a club Brew Ruck in and around historic Cherry Street. Andolini’s, Kilkenny’s, and Empire! Purchase your 918 Day patch in person on the ruck, or order it in advance. You can also do this on your own, by making your own virtual Ruck Challenge!

3 Saturday evening, about 1930 hours (7:30 PM). Sunset is at 7:26 PM. Ruckers Mexico City “Gotham Ruck Challenge” / the Batman Workout at Swan Lake Park. We’ll step off from the end of the 918 Day Brew Ruck, make our way through the area for a 5k distance, stop at Swan Lake Park for the workout and Endex, then return to our vehicles.

918 Day Ruck patch and Gotham Ruck Challenge patches sold separately for $5.00 each after doing the work. GCR Club Challenge Coins also available for purchase for $15.00 each.

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GCR Snowdrop ruck
Saturday, September 25, 2021

Team Lead Michael “Enigma Machine” Welborn

Snowdrop Ruck 2021

Saturday, September 25, 2021
Time: TBD in the AM
Location: TBD Tulsa downtown

From Cadre Flash:
This weekend is all about helping kids and having fun with other amazing humans. What I can do is make a scavenger list and a minimum mileage requirement. Then everyone can just post pictures and videos on social media. People can dress up as Octoberfest or Super Heros.

Snowdrop Foundation Wisconsin is dedicated to assisting patients and families at Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital through funding for continued research to eliminate childhood cancer. It is also our mission to provide scholarships for college-bound pediatric cancer patients and survivors. Six years ago, Josh Hass (aka Cadre Roony) searched for a way to go above and beyond for his community. He found Brian Gruender, head of the Snowdrop Foundation in Appleton, WI. Josh did not have any connection to pediatric cancer but knew this was where he would help. True to Josh’s character, he wanted to help Snowdrop by putting his own spin on it, in the form of a ruck event. While most ruck events are all about embracing the suck, Snowdrop is a little different. The Snowdrop ruck events are self-described as the most fun ruck event ever, with participants dressing up in costumes, playing kickball, knockerball, and just getting some good livin’. Since its inception, the annual GORUCK Snowdrop event has raised over $1000,000, as participants travel from as far away as Japan and all over the United States to partake in the weekend’s festivities. All proceeds will be donated to Snowdrop Foundation Wisconsin. This year, the 7th annual Snowdrop ruck events should not be missed. We lost Josh to pancreatic cancer on April 4, 2019. Due to Josh’s leadership and esprit de corps we will continue what he started. Continuing in his Ranger roots, he Led the Way and inspired thousands of people to do the same. We are humbled to not only continue on Josh’s mission with the Snowdrop Foundation, but to honor his legacy as an incredible Father, Son, Brother, Friend and Ranger. Rangers Lead the Way! This is your opportunity as a civilian to fight evil and further goodness by helping the children. Josh fought for the better good as a soldier and this is how he continued to fight the good fight as a civilian.

GCR Weekly Workout and Ruck
Saturdays 0830 hours
Hunter Park, Tulsa

One link to remember : Click on This Week in Tulsa Rucking

Scroll down below the pics for more club activities or details about weekly mid-week rucks and weekend workouts.

Reach out to to confirm time, location, and required gear each week. 

Team Leads of Green Country Ruckers will be offering a weekly workout and/or ruck every Saturday at 0830 hours (8:30 AM Central time) at Hunter Park up by the Labyrinth and pavilion. 

Join for the latest discussions and planning.

Green country ruckers
August – September 2021

·         GCR Pryor will be hosting their 3rd Anniversary ruck in coming weeks! Go to GCR Pryor for details.
·         Sat Sept 11 0830 hours: Stairs Rucking. Location TBD. Check out these September patch challenges: and
·         Sat Sept 18 0830 hours: The weekly club workout will be your first opportunity to earn Ruckers México City’s Gotham Ruck Challenge patch. Details will be published soon on the event and how to earn/buy the patch.
·         Sat Sept 18 1800 hours: GCR’s annual 918 Day Brew Ruck. Details will be published soon on the event and how to earn/buy the patch. You can just do the brew ruck or you can follow it up by earning the Batman WOD patch starting at 1930 hours.
·         Sat Sept 18 1930 hours: Immediately following the brew ruck will be your second opportunity to earn Ruckers México City’s Gotham Ruck Challenge patch. Details will be published soon on the event and how to earn/buy the patch.On Saturday,
·         Sat Sept 18, Fletcher/Lawton/Ft. Sill is hosting the TMF 9-11 Heroes Ruck Club Callout. Go to Blackout Rucking Crew for details.
·         Sat Sept 25, GCR will host the annual Snowdrop fundraiser activities. Watch this space for updates.
·         Sometime between now and the end of October, the club will ruck Turkey Mountain before rennovations begin in November.
·         Reminder that club leadershi pis still receiving one code per month from GRHQ, good for one free Tough, Basic, or Star Course event on the current calendar. Contact me if you are interested.
·         Always available: Virtual Star Course! Green Country Ruckers has multiple locations and distances available to use to earn the new 2021 Endless Summer as well as one of the 2020 Quarantine GORUCK Star Course patches. More routes are available that are not published on the GORUCK site.
·         Keep this link handy to see the details of whats planned next: Click on This Week in Tulsa Rucking
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  2. Join in an established group event or declare to the group your intent to crush the related challenge and invite your ruck crew to participate.
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