918 Day Patch and Ruck Challenge

Option 1 – Virtual ruck

Date/Time: Virtual, pick your own date and time, ruck on your own or with your own ruck buddies
Location: Virtual, pick your own start and stop points, make your own route.  Send a note to members of the local ruck crew if you’d like some ideas.

Results: Come back to this site while you are recovering from your ruck, click the “Share Your Virtual Ruck Selfies” button below, upload some photos, and tell us how it went.
To celebrate living in “the 918” and to earn your 918 Tulsa patch, pick two or more of your favorite locations in or around the 918 and simply ruck between them, stopping inside or in front of each location for a “ruck selfie” or a “pack pic”. 

• Your favorite locations can include parks, monuments, trail heads, drinking establishments, restaurants, food hauls, murals or even some of the amazing murals or Penguins on Parade that are scattered around the area! 
• How far and how many? It’s up to you!  A good rucking exercise is usually a minimum of about 3 miles or a 5k, but that’s just a guideline.
• A ruck selfie is simply a photo you and your ruck crew wearing your rucks. It doesn’t have to be taken as a selfie.
• A pack pic is simply a photo of your ruck sacks artfully arranged on or around some interesting marker or sign at the location.
• Use hashtags #918Day #GreenCountryRuckers #GORUCK and more.
• Tag @Green Country Ruckers on your favorite social media platforms.

Have fun with it!

Option 2 – Club ruck on Future 918 Days

The GCR Tulsa 918 Day Ruck & Social will consist of a short ruck followed by food at a downtown restaurant. The first portion will be 2 to 4 miles rucked along sidewalks in the downtown Tulsa area. The second will be food, fellowship and fun at a downtown restaurant. Everyone pays their own way.
September 18 each year, 1800-2000 (6:00-8:00 PM)
TBD each year. Watch for updates.

This is NOT a timed ruck. I will not be pushing for speed at all. Breaks and water-refills will be planned.
Please observe CDC guidelines, having a cloth mask on hand in case an establishment requires it, and bring your own hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes for use as needed during the event.  NOTE: Good quality hand sanitizer does NOT store well in high temperatures.  If you have been leaving a bottle in your car, it probably needs to be replaced.
If still mandated by city, county, state or federal guidelines:
• Bring a cloth mask.
• Have it ready to wear at a moment’s notice.
• And honor the 6-foot social distancing precautions.
• First time ruckers: We recommend no more than 10 pounds on your first ruck
• Bring water and stay hydrated.
• Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes.
• A weighted rucksack/backpack is OPTIONAL. Walkers are welcome.
• Flashlights or hiking lanterns are recommended as we will be rucking after dark.
• In your vehicle: Fresh clothes and shoes for after-ruck refuel and fun.
• Hydration bladder hose/tubes will freeze in extreme temps; tuck the hose into your jacket collar.
• Dress in layers. It may start out cool to cold, but will warm up quickly, especially when using a weighted ruck. The rucksack insulates your core, which helps to keeps the extremities warmer.
• Hand warmers can be used in temps below freezing.
Hydrate in advance, even in the colder temps. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is recommended before the event due to dehydration issues.  Additionally, “going black” or running out of water is a serious issue on endurance rucking.  Don’t wait until it runs out to notify your Team Lead, but be sure to speak up when your water supply runs low so the team can have time to work together to find a quick solution.

RUCK•ING [VERB] To put weight on your back and go for a walk. More weight or more miles equals more results, more friends and more time together equals more fun. Green Country Ruckers is an official GORUCK Club.
Read more about 918 Day here: https://www.cityoftulsa.org/ResilientTulsa  
Learn more about rucking from the company that made it a thing: https://www.goruck.com/rucking-101  
Learn more about GCR and check out helpful rucking links at http://greencountryruckers.com.  

Heard of the Route 66 Marathon? 2020 will be the SECOND year to bring an official GORUCK Ruck Division to the race! Instead of running, toss 10 pounds or more into a sturdy backpack and walk/ruck the route! All race distances are available to ruck including the 5k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday. https://route66marathon.com/ruck-the-route/ #RT66Ruck
“Urban Hiking” -Wearing a weighted backpack. Burns more calories than walking alone. No running involved.  If you’ve been curious about GORUCK or if you would like to get involved in a fun community activity, join us for this fun ruck.
Who are members of Green Country Ruckers? Anyone who joins in, rucks along, and is listed among the ranks of either GCR Members/Tulsa Area Ruck Crew or GCR Pryor!
We are now centered in THREE geographic areas:
The greater Tulsa, OK and the greater Fort Smith, AR areas:
Pryor, OK area: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GCRMembersPryor/
Membership is free. The perks are real.
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