2022 Route 66 Marathon GORUCK Rucking Division Tulsa OK

Club pics from the fourth official GORUCK Rucking Division of the Williams Route 66 Marathon Race series: The 5k on Saturday, November 19, 2022, the Relay, Half, and Full Marathon races on Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Congrats to all ruckers, runners, and walkers who crushed their goals!

4 ruckers completed the Full Marathon (26.2)

26 completed the Half Marathon (13.1)

7 ruckers in the 5k (3.1)

1 team of 5 on the GCR Ruck Relay Team (5.2ish each)

Of those numbered above, 8 did 1 race on Saturday and a 2nd race on Sunday, earning the Double coin.

Our top speed rucker in the Full Marathon was Salvadore Taormina from Arizona with a finish time of 4:30:31. To be fair, he is a life-long runner, this was his 25th full marathon in the 25th state, but the first to add a 25 pound ruck sack!Our top speed rucker in the Half Marathon was very young Army reservist Carter Salinas with a finish time of 2:30:04. You may have seen him featured in a short video put out by the race committee, highlighting Rucking as running with weight… 🤦‍♂️ 🤣 🏆Registration for the 2023 races is already open! Second link to our group website will take you to the registration page as well as for the Feb 4, 2023 Tulsa Oilers Arena Challenge GORUCK Rucking Division!

As you can see, the custom and very unique patch from 2019 was provided again by GORUCK! Special thanks to Doug Stryker for making that happen for us! The custom patch WILL return in 2023! Doug was here from Dallas representing @GORUCK headquarters in the GORUCK America tour! Thanks for joining us, Doug!

Check out the Williams Route 66 Marathon “Ruck the Route” page for info on rucking THE best races in the country! https://route66marathon.com/ruck-the-route/

Registration is open!  Pre-register for the 2023 Williams Route 66 Marathon!  https://register.hakuapp.com/?event=ea550fb37e53dbcca3f5&referred_by=22241269&referral_source=DIR