NOTE: If you are preparing for a GORUCK event, regardless of Rucking or Tactical, depend on the specific “What to Bring” list from your specific event. https://www.goruckevents.com/

• A weighted rucksack/backpack is OPTIONAL. Walkers are welcome.
• First time ruckers: We recommend no more than 10 pounds on your first ruck
• Bring water and stay hydrated.
• Wear comfortable walking or hiking shoes.
• Flashlights or hiking lanterns are recommended as we will be rucking after dark.
• In your vehicle: Fresh clothes and shoes for after-ruck refuel and fun.
• Hydration bladder hose/tubes will freeze in extreme temps; tuck the hose into your jacket collar.
• Dress in layers. It may start out cool to cold, but will warm up quickly, especially when using a weighted ruck. The rucksack insulates your core, which helps to keeps the extremities warmer.
• Hand warmers can be used in temps below freezing.
Hydrate in advance, even in the colder temps. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol is recommended before the event due to dehydration issues.  Additionally, “going black” or running out of water is a serious issue on endurance rucking.  Don’t wait until it runs out to notify your Team Lead, but be sure to speak up when your water supply runs low so the team can have time to work together to find a quick solution.

Below is what GORUCK requires each participant brings to their Heavy Challenge event. Most of this is not needed when rucking a casual 3 or 4 miles, but it does provide more detail on what might be needed for various ruck challenges.