GORUCK Snowdrop 2020 Fundraiser

After watching the video, there are FOUR ways to help with this mission!

Watch GORUCK Cadre Flash’s quick promo and pep talk about #Snowdrop2020 as well as a trivia item about the late Cadre Rooney (Josh) and fun, exciting history of GORUCK’s involvment over the last five years:

Register with GORUCK, do the work on your own or with the Tulsa ruck crew, get the patch. ALL proceeds from your registration go directly to the Snowdrop Foundation. #earnedneverbought #snowdrop2020

Donate using the link below, help Green Country Ruckers compete with other GORUCK clubs to raise the most money for the Snowdrop Foundation. Sit back and watch the shenanigans from your easy chair. Or you can get off your arse and participate in the in-person events. Just show up on time with the required gear. We’ll make sure you find work under the ruck to do. #embracethesuck #snowdrop2020

Raise awareness for kids with cancer and cancer research by donating muscle, sweat, and teamwork at our in-person events. You can just do one or both events. Take a look at the links below to be prepared for the action. Registration or donation are not required to participate, but you will not receive a GORUCK patch for your efforts. #justdothework #snowdrop2020 Still would rather sit on the sidelines? That’s okay, too! Bring your #shadow game and take pictures of the ruck crew in action, share the pics in the events, and help raise awareness using your cell phone photography skills.

Buy a shirt! PREORDER CLOSES 27 SEPT 2020 and as always, 100% money goes to Snowdrop Foundation.
Back story, Cadre Roony (Josh) picked the red fox for our design several years ago and that has been the Snowdrop Event logo with variations each year. This year, we chose the black fox, which is a rare genetic variation of the red fox. It seemed appropriate given the insanity and combination of rare events of 2020.

Donate directly here:

Register here for the Virtual GORUCK Light:
In-Person event will take place in Tulsa, OK on Saturday, 9/26/2020 at 1400 (2:00 PM) https://www.facebook.com/events/944105356081224/

Register here for the Virtual GORUCK Scavenger:
In-Person event will take place in Tulsa, OK on Sunday, 9/27/2020 at 0900 (9:00 AM) https://www.facebook.com/events/2699082347047076/